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Fabio Marraccini Audio Engineer

Fabio Marraccini - A professional engineer, DIY musician and home studio enthusiast. His goal is to help musicians, music educators and home studio enthusiasts in their quest to make music, podcasts and compelling content.

Since a young age Fabio has been interested and passionate about music and technology. Be it in listening to records, operating his father's tape machine and turntables, or in making is own mixtapes. 

He went on to work in several consumer electronics companies related to audio and video, developing stereos, Home Theater systems, integrated DVD players and LCD televisions.

From there, he moved to Australia and expanded his reach into embedded systems and online services, working with telecommunications equipment, radio systems, apps related with treatment of hearing loss, and a content delivery system for an online music distributor. 

Meanwhile, the digital revolution was taking place and Home Studios were on the rise. Starting with work done with professional blues and rock musicians in his native Brazil using Cakewalk, he then expanded his universe to become an expert in modern home studio gear and software.

His strong background in electronics, software and audio, as well as analytical approach to problem solving, allow him to provide a unique approach to technical support and audio engineering.

In 2019 he started the "Where Music Meets Technology" podcast to cater to the need to understand technology to make music and podcast on the current environment.

In recent times, this expansion grew even further, as music collaborations, online streams and livestreams took over the world. Some tutorials on his YouTube channel had thousands of views from around the world. 


This is when he decided to provide direct technical support and tutoring for these expanding areas, thus re-shaping the former AudioGeek11 blog into a service provider.

As the market requires, he also listed his services on AirGigs, where he became a "top rated studio pro" due to the number of positive reviews, which adds up to the reviews for AudioGeek11 you see on Google.

His education includes a bachelor degree in Electronics Engineering, masters in Software Engineering, extension in Digital Signal Processing, and numerous online courses on Audio Engineering and Music Production. 

He is also a member of the Audio Engineering Society and NAMM

As a member of the Melbourne Section of AES, he contributes by bringing in the best minds in audio for speeches and educational sessions. In November 2020 he spoke on the topic of online jams and livestreams.

Recently he was invited to speak at Fiddle Hell - an online music event - on the topic of online jams. 

When not working on his audio and music passion, Fabio can be found playing his guitar, or enjoying the lovely countryside of Victoria with his family.

Find out more about him by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

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