Home Studio Support

How will I know if 1-hour support session is enough to solve my issue ?

That time is normally sufficient to solve most Home Studio issues, and if we have extra time we can talk about optimisations. In a few cases, we need to go over, and I can be flexible if we're nearly there, or we can book susbequent sessions or email follow-ups.

How does Home Studio support work remotely ?

In most cases it works well. I believe you are capable of getting your Home Studio the way you want it to be with some assistance. Over Zoom we can share screens and even use the camera to look at your setup, both physical and also software. I avoid using Team Viewer to control your computer for privacy reasons. I want you to be able to operate on your own when I'm not around.

Do you also sell Home Studio gear ?

There is some gear available on my store on this website, and also some Amazon affiliate links on some of my articles. But the foucus here is to give you guidance so you can get the gear you need, or maximise what you already have.

Home Studio Lessons

How is this different than just buying an online course ?

It's customised for you. There is no pre-set beginning, end or pace. It does not assume a skill level. I will talk to you first, see how much you know and what you want to achieve, and offer you a sequence of sessions that will get you the result you need based on that. It is therefore personalised and results-driven.

But this information is available for free on YouTube, blogs and forums (even on your blog) ?

Yes, but like online courses, they are broad and assume a certain skill level and a certain beginning and end result. Unlike online courses they are normally not structured. Here I adapt to what you want to achieve. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Is there any accreditation ?

No. This is not meant to replace any degree or diploma. There are accredited music production and audio engineering schools for that. People who come to me just want to learn new skills to be able to handle their content on their own. That doesn't mean they cannot sell their newfound skills professionally. It's all done very seriously and with the end result in mind.

Audio Production

So besides teaching about mixing and mastering you can do the work on your own as well ?

Yes. Some clients just want some editing work done on their audio for video, and others want me to mix or master a song for them. In many cases they want to overlap - they want to learn how to improve their recordings at home, pre-mix and produce the content a little bit, and let me add the bells and whistles.

What about music production and music theory ?

I can assist with the production process. I know enough about music theory to guide you on your production if you need. But if you just want me to do the engineering part of the job it's also fine.

Is this a recording studio website ?

No as I do not share a recording space with my clients. All work is remote. My goal is to show you that you can achieve great results recording at Home or elsewhere, and come to me to learn how to put all the parts together to release your content.


What is your view on the usage of a Home Studio ?

For the services I provide, I consider Home Studios to include music and podcast production, video production (such as YouTube), online jams, livestreams and remote collaborations. I'm well equipped to support all these variants.