These are the typical elements you will find in a modern Home Studio setup, including mine. I can adapt  to the gear, software and instruments you have for lessons and support, so don't worry and contact me if you have any questions.
  • Most recording is done through audio interfaces for Mac or PC computers.

  • Examples include Universal Audio, Focusrite, PreSonus, MOTU, RME. I work with an Universal Audio Apollo Twin and can easily adapt to your setup.

  • Most mixing is done "in the box" these days, using Digital Audio Workstation software (DAW).

  • I work with Logic Pro X and Izotope RX primarily, but we can also work with Garage Band, Reaper, Studio One, Cubase, Ableton, Pro Tools, Reason or FL Studio.

  • Microphones are essential if you want to record vocals, podcasts or acoustic instruments such as guitars and piano.

  • I do my work with a Rode NT-1, but clients I helped work with anything from expensive condenser microphones to a USB Blue Yeti.

  • Some outboard gear still have their place in the modern Home Studio. Examples include pre-amps, DI boxes and Guitar Amp Modellers.

  • My work is done using a RNDI, a Focusrite OctoPre and a Line 6 Helix Floor. 

  • A quite important aspect of audio engineering, monitoring includes speakers, headphones, acoustic treatment and even plugins to simulate certain environments.

  • Here I work with Yamaha HS5, AKG K702, Primacoustic London 12, as well as plugins and commercial speakers.

  • That's the heart of the matter isn't it ? We all love to hear some amazing instruments being played and I cannot wait to hear yours.

  • My small collection includes a Gibson SG, an Ibanez RG, a Yamaha APX600 and an Alesis V61 MIDI keyboard.